YMCA Camp Shady Brook

8716 S Y Camp Rd. 

Deckers, CO 80135

To Schedule: Call 719-329-7266 or e-mail campinfo@ppymca.org


Whatever your outdoor focus, we have a lesson plan for you! Expeditions are interactive and engage campers with live examples and activities that demonstrate key concepts of your curriculum. Schedules are flexible to meet your needs and are typically scheduled in 75-minute sessions so that campers can play an active role in their learning.


Topics Include:

- Fire and Forest Ecology

- Orienteering and compass basics

- Astronomy

- Outdoor Survival Skills

- Night Watchers Night Hike

- Nature Hikes 



The above programming is also offered as an incredible overnight experience. We offer healthy, delicious balanced meals and comfortable lodging.


*Overnight visits will be counted as two trips to compensate for added costs. This plan must be submitted and approved by the SOLE coordinator before reservations can be made with partners.

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Camp staff are trained educators with a passion for expanding young minds. Enrichment activities are tailored to meet your specific area of focus and designed to engage campers’ mind, body and creative spirit through the exploration of a range of experiences.


Topics include:

- Forest Ecology

- Aquatic Biology

- Wilderness Survival Skills

- Leave No Trace Ethics

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