Walking Mountains Science Center

Walking Mountains Lane

Avon, CO 81620

To Schedule: Call 970-827-9725 ext. 138 or e-mail saram@walkingmountains.org


Working in conjunction with the local school district and private schools, Walking Mountains Science Center serves students in Eagle County through natural science programs that take place in nature, that compliment classroom curriculum, and that narrow the achievement gap by enhancing scientific and environmental literacy.


More than a field trip, our school programs are outdoor learning experiences that provide students with the opportunity to practice detailed observation, work together as a team, participate in research affecting local and national land-use decisions, and gain greater connection to the natural world in which they live.


Sustainable Energy 

Students will discover different energy sources through experimenting with solar powered cars, circuits, and a renewable energy kit. They will engage critical thinking skills as they compare and contrast renewable and nonrenewable energy sources and learn firsthand about renewable energy through real life examples at our LEED Platinum certified Science Center.


Geology Rocks! 

Students will choose their own adventure as they walk through the rock cycle, investigate plate tectonics, discover the role of fossils in identifying previous life on earth, and get hands-on with weathering and erosion experimenting in our stream table.

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