If you have a passion for education and making a difference in students' lives, we would love to have you as a volunteer!

Family Nature Nights

One of our favorite aspects of the SOLE program is hosting a Family Nature Night at each SOLE school. Family Nature Night’s goal is to involve parents and the rest of the family in outdoor and nature-related learning and fun. This free, festival-style event includes our partners who provide fun, hands-on activity stations for students and families to experience. We also offer free pizza and beverages. Near the end of the night we gather families together in the cafeteria to hold a mini-rally and draw tickets for prizes like outdoor gear (tents, fishing poles, etc.) and a Colorado Parks and Wildlife gift certificate that can be used to buy an annual state parks pass.

Volunteers help out in any of the following areas at Family Nature Night:

  • Welcome Table- Greet families, give them information about the event, and hand out raffle tickets

  • Wildlife Trivia Wheel- Quiz students on wildlife questions and give out prizes

  • Archery- NASP certified volunteers may instruct archery for students. Non-certified volunteers may help with line management and eye dominance.

  • Backyard Bass- An introduction to fishing without using hooks! Plastic fish are laid on the ground and students practice their casting skills.

  • Generation Wild- A GOCO initiative, this table involves a list of 100 things children should do before they turn 12. Activities at this table vary by season.

Family Nature Nights take place on week nights, typically around 5:00-7:00pm. We ask volunteers to arrive 30 minutes beforehand to help set up and get familiar with their station. We ask volunteers to sign-up and help at a minimum of 1 Family Nature Night a year. 

Volunteers encourage children to try 100 Things to do Before You're 12. Our Generation Wild table features some of those items: Make a Crayon Leaf Rubbing, Identify Animals by their Tracks, and more!

We accept volunteers all across the state of Colorado! If interested, please e-mail dnr_cpwsole@state.co.us

* All volunteers must go through a background check to volunteer with SOLE*

Backyard Bass is a great introduction to fishing! Volunteers help kids learn how to cast and reel in fish.

Our Wildlife Trivia Wheel is always a hit! Ask students and their families pre-made questions and hand out prizes.

NASP Certified volunteers may instruct archery with one of our staff members. For non-certified volunteers, we often need help with line management and teaching kids their eye dominance.

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