St. Vrain State Park

3525 State Highway 119

Firestone, CO 80504

(303) 485-0186

Field Trips at St. Vrain

At St. Vrain State Park, we have over 45 different educational programs available. Our interpreter and volunteer naturalists present these programs with enthusiasm, knowledge, and charisma! 

We offer several different programs on the flora and fauna of the park. In addition to these programs, we also have programs that focus on the cultural history and other natural resources of the park.

Below is a complete list of programs that can be tailored to fit your curriculum needs:

Bats of Colorado
Birds of St. Vrain
Bugs of St. Vrain
Catch and Release Fishing
Cats of Colorado
Down in the Burrow
Fire Ecology of the American West
Fish of St. Vrain
Get Fit in the Park
Herps (reptiles & amphibians) of St. Vrain
Indigenous Knowledge
Invasive Species
Leave No Trace
Mammals of St. Vrain
Mothers and Babies
Native American History of St. Vrain Valley
Pond Life
Predator/Prey Adaptations
Rookery at St. Vrain
Scavenger Hunt
Skulls, Skin, Scat
Sly as a Fox
Snow Science
St. Vrain Riparian Ecosystem
St. Vrain Safari
Subnivean Zone
The Life Aquatic
The Truth about Bears
Tracks and Signs
Trees of St. Vrain
Using a Compass
Web of Life
Wilderness Survival
Winter Wildlife

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