South Suburban Parks and REcreation

South Platte Park and the Carson Nature Center

3000 W Carson Drive

Littleton, CO 80120

To Schedule: Call 303-730-1022 ext. 61023


Maximum group size is 30, with an option on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to book “double programs” with two groups of up to 30 alternating between guided programs and self-guided activities.

Ecosystem Adventure

3.5 hrs (including lunch); year round

Students contribute to a riparian ecosystem sketch, then hike to explore a real river ecosystem including: food webs, natural processes at work, reporting to others about 1 of 4 different communities. They also interact, hands-on, with a flood table to experience erosion, deposition, and river evolution.


Life Underwater

90+ min; 2nd week of Apr. through 2nd week of Oct.

Life underwater isn’t for every creature. To survive you need special features or you’ll end up feeding other creatures! Students wade the river to find aquatic animals. They use nets and search under rocks to discover and capture dozens of creatures, sort them to find their place in the food web, and observe the adaptations they use to survive underwater.


Gold Panning

90 mins; last 2 weeks of Apr. - first 2 weeks of Oct. (or discuss weather options with staff)

Students act out the adventures of some of Colorado’s early fortune seekers, then pan for gold and garnets as the early settlers did. Hear of the adventures of Colorado’s earliest fortune seekers and the impact of gold on Colorado history, and trace the geography and geology of Denver’s river.

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A student is dressed like a beaver, learning about each adaptation as we compare the actual body parts to its human counterpart. The “costume” includes goggles, flippers, nose plug, fur coat, kickstand, etc. We bring actual beaver pelts, skulls, tail, and feet for students to closely examine.

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