SOS Outreach

Field Trips at the Colorado National Monument

1750 Rim Rock Drive

Fruita, CO 81521

To Schedule: Call 970-926-9292 ext. 104 or e-mail


Colorado National Monument

Partnering with 4th grade classrooms, SOS extends the school’s state curriculum in geology and natural history with a multiday trip to Colorado National Monument. This multi-day trip introduces students to SOS’s six core values while engaging them in outdoor activities such as hiking and rock climbing and by being exposed to overnight camping practices. SOS Outreach provides tents, sleeping bags, and other gear as needed. Additionally, students explore the many museums in this area that enhance the living learning environment.

Trip lengths can be adjusted according to your school’s needs. Please discuss your options with SOS Outreach staff and submit your plan to the SOLE School Programs Coordinator. 


*Overnight visits will be counted as two trips to compensate for added costs. This plan must be submitted and approved by the SOLE coordinator before reservations can be made with partners.

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