What a Catch!

Saturday, June 12th was filled with lots of splashing and laughing as SOLE families fished at Lake Lehow! There were lots of memorable moments from the day and here are just a few!

"... This was a great opportunity for us as a family. I loved every part of it and my kids enjoyed it." - Participant, SOLE Family Fishing Workshop

One of many bluegills caught!

The SOLE Family Fishing Workshop was joined by families from eight different SOLE schools. Participants learned angler ethics, practiced casting, baiting hooks, and learned how to unhook fish. Do you know how to unhook a fish that has swallowed a hook? The best thing to do is cut the line and leave the hook in the fish. This will cause the least amount of damage and the hook will eventually fall out.

The catch of the day was bluegill. These little fish were fun to catch for new and experienced anglers alike. One participant caught six bluegills before lunch! Maybe the most memorable catch of the day, though, took place in the afternoon. A Colorado Parks and Wildlife volunteer caught a giant channel catfish. Wanna know what kind of bait he used to catch this giant catfish? Well, believe it or not, he used a hotdog!

Check out that catfish!

"Wonderful, fun program." - Participant, SOLE Family Fishing Workshop

Until next time! Happy fishing!

"My children left super enthused about fishing. We will hit a couple lakes near our home this week. My children are actually asking me to spend time with them outside!!!! That was a huge deal!" - Participant, SOLE Family Fishing Workshop

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