The Eye of the Target!

"What a fantastic opportunity for the whole family!" - Cheyenne Mountain State Park Participant

SOLE Family Archery Workshop at Barr Lake State Park

What have you been doing this fall season? Have you gone to a pumpkin patch or enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate? Well, I can tell you what SOLE families have been doing. They have been visiting state parks and having fun at the archery ranges!

Families from 7 different SOLE schools traveled to Barr Lake State Park or Cheyenne Mountain State Park for archery. Before taking aim, families started with the basics. They learned about range safety (Should you run and grab your arrow from a target when others are firing? No!), equipment (Bows on your toes, everyone!), eye dominance (Not the hand you write with, but the eye you aim with.), and the 11 steps to archery success (Start with your stance and end with reflection).

Robin Hood Moment

After learning the basics, it was time for archery! Beginner and experienced archers alike stood at the shooting line and practiced nocking their arrows, taking aim, and reflecting on their shot. Cheering and laughter could be heard over the sound of arrows hitting targets and balloons popping. At one point, there was a Robin Hood moment when two arrows hit the

same target! Who knew that could happen in real life?

"[It] was a really fun time. [The] kids enjoyed it." - Barr Lake State Park Participant

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