SOLE Family Workshop: Winter Edition

Did you get outside this weekend to enjoy the sun and snow? The SOLE Team sure did!

Five families braved the winter weather to join us at our 2021 Winter Family Workshop at Jackson Lake State Park and were rewarded with a free meal, some silly times, a science experiment, and lots of prizes!

SOLE staff, attendees, and guest speakers from the Poudre Learning Center at Jackson Lake State Park.


We know that learning happens best on a full stomach, so we started our workshop off with warm sandwiches from a local eatery, lots of snacks, and warm drinks. Then we “flew” into the first activity, a migration-themed obstacle course! In less than an hour, our family “flocks” made it to their winter home in Mexico and back while navigating a variety of hazards along the way.


After growing a greater appreciation for how tough migration can be, families were given materials to make their own DIY bird feeders and help out migrating birds in our area that may need a rest and quick bite before continuing their journey.


Then we were joined by Ranger Tyler to learn a little bit about the history of Jackson Lake State Park and what visitors can do there. We learned that the park hosts 240 camp sites and was voted one of the “Top 15 Park Beaches” in the country- the only inland park on the list! But Jackson Lake isn’t just for swimming and boating- several campers were already onsite and ice fishing on the reservoir!


Finally, Poudre Learning Center taught us the importance of reservoirs and snow within Colorado ecosystems. We also learned where our water comes from (hint, it’s white and fluffy!) and got a chance to be both artists and scientists for the afternoon!


Right on cue the weather turned chilly, so we quickly raffled off some prizes for all our families and sent them on their way with more snacks and hot drinks for the short “migration” home. We know it won’t be our last time out at Jackson Lake State Park. Perhaps we’ll see you there this summer or at our next Family Workshop. Stay tuned!

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