Shout Out to Our Mighty Helpers!

The fall Family Nature Nights have come to a close with Caliche Elementary School. We could not have asked for a greater way to end the season. The night was filled with laughter and curiosity but most of all helping hands from teachers, partners and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) staff. These mighty helpers made our last fall Family Nature Night a big success!

Devyn (left) and Jose (right) engage with students at their booths by providing pictures, visual aids and competitive games!

Devyn and Jose, CPW staff members, led the the Generation Wild and Trivia Booths. They discussed topics like wildlife tracks, animal calls and more with students and their families. If you were lucky at the Trivia Booth, you could win a fabulous prize!

Kendal from Nature's Educators is showing off one of Colorado's birds of prey, a Red-tailed hawk

Nature's Educators was able to come and support this Family Nature Night too! Families loved learning facts about the hawk they brought, such as their nest can be as big as three feet wide! They had a bullsnake, toad, and tarantula as well.

From archery to fishing, CPW staff tackled teaching students some fun outdoor skills. The District Wildlife Manager, Mason Allen, patiently worked with children to show them the ropes to archery while the Area Wildlife Manager, Todd Schmidt, kept the line moving with checking eye dominance. Over at backyard bass, Wildlife Techs, Josh and Levi, made a "splash" with the kids as they casted out for those big bass.

Mason Allen (left) goes over how to knock a bow with a young student while Josh Herz (right) teaches another young student how to o-FISH-ally cast a pole!

Caliche Elementary Staff ran our welcome booth, and they couldn't have done it better! Not only did they help people sign in, but they also encouraged families to learn more about Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Above are Caliche Elementary staff members, Ms. Bogie (left) and Ms. Hill (right), whom greeted our guests with big smiles

We are grateful for all the people that were able to come out to support our last Family Nature Night of the fall. Thank you for going the extra mile to make this an event Caliche Elementary families will never forget!

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