A Great Turnout for Grand Junction Family Fun Day

This past weekend, the SOLE team traveled to Grand Junction to hold a Family Fun Day for the students of Pomona Elementary and the 3rd-5th grade families of Orchard Elementary. It was a warm, sunny Saturday and lots of families showed up to try our activities, grab some snacks, and win prizes!

At the event, which was held at the West Lake State Wildlife Area, participants were able to practice their archery and fishing skills, thanks to the staff and volunteers of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northwest Regional Office. There is a small, stocked pond at the West Lake State Wildlife Area and many SOLE students successfully reeled in a fish. Check out the photos below!

SOLE staff brought a few of their own activities for families to try, including the Jumping Game and Nature Riddles. Families were also able to test their knowledge at the wildlife trivia wheel, a SOLE-event classic.

Lastly, the Great Migration Game was set up for participants to see if they could safely migrate to their winter grounds. In this life-size board game, players learn about the many challenges that birds face during their migration while moving through the obstacles themselves. Here are a few students making their way through the game:

The Family Fun Day lasted three hours and we recorded over 100 attendees from Orchard Elementary and Pomona Elementary. SOLE is excited to be reconnecting with our students and their families after over a year without Family Nature Nights.

Like most of us, SOLE is unsure what the next school year will bring. In the meantime, we are looking forward to hosting more events of this kind, hopefully coming soon to a park near you!

A special thanks to all of the families who attended this event as well as the staff and volunteers of the Northwest Regional Office for putting on this event with us!

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