Family Nature Nights and Family Fun Days: What's the Difference?

During the 2020-2021 school year, SOLE started a brand new event for its families: Family Fun Day joined Family Nature Night as a fun way to connect SOLE families to nature. Let's take a closer look at these events to see just how they do that.

Family Nature Nights

Family Nature Nights are events that bring nature exploration directly to SOLE families at their school. These events are hosted during the evening and provide pizza and prizes to its attendees. Nature exploration during Family Nature Nights comes in the form of archery, backyard bass, trivia, and fun activities with SOLE partners! These festival style evenings are a great way for families to meet SOLE and its partners while having fun and learning about nature.

Typically booked on: Weekday evenings, 5-7 pm

What families comment is their favorite part: It's easy to get to (at their school!), the pizza, the variety of activities

What teachers comment is their favorite part: Accessible for families, being able to check in with students and their families throughout the event

Family Fun Days

Family Fun Days get families exploring a local Colorado state park or other nearby outdoor area. Families get free entry to a state park where they are able to meet with SOLE and its partners for games, snacks, and resources before going off and exploring the park on their own. These festival style, day-time events give families the opportunity to win raffle prizes before heading off to hike, fish, and enjoy the park. Family Fun Days are a great way for families to learn about their local state park and its recreational opportunities and this event takes place entirely outdoors.

Typically booked on: Saturdays or occasionally weekdays

What families comment is their favorite part: They get to visit a state park for free, the informal layout, time outdoors as a family, naturally allows for social distancing

What teachers comment is their favorite part: Very low time commitment, gets everyone outside, naturally allows for social distancing

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