A Step Back in Time...

Have you ever wondered what Colorado was like hundreds of years ago? Who was living there? What animals were present? The fourth graders from Corwin International Magnet School got the chance to dive in and explore these questions through a SOLE In-Class Program!

This student is ready to contribute knowledge on beavers!

Every school year, SOLE schools are provided a FREE in-class program for their 4th grade students. These programs are either provided by a SOLE partner organization or can be taught by a SOLE Educator on topics such as Colorado mining, animal adaptations and in this case, fur trapping and trading. Each program SOLE Educators provide involve engaging activities that get students ecstatic about learning!

During the Fur Trapping and Trading In-Class Program, 4th graders from Corwin International Magnet School had the opportunity to learn about the importance of beavers in the 1800s. The students not only learned about the two layers of beaver fur, but they also got to see it first-hand to help them understand why beaver fur was so valuable.

SOLE Educator, Sara, is showing the 4th grade students how beaver fur was used in the 1800s (the popular beaver fur hats), and the students got the chance to touch REAL beaver fur!

The students then learned how furs were acquired and traded. They got to practice this knowledge by creating their own fur trapping and trading companies and preparing their “pelts” by tracing and cutting out beaver and bison figures.

These students are working hard to complete beaver and bison cut-outs for their company! Their tables and graphs are also close by to help them record their data and find patterns.

Lastly, each group recorded the number of furs they acquired and traded into a table to help them calculate how much money was earned during each time period. They even learned how to transform their data into a line graph to easily see how a monetary incentive can change the number of beaver and bison fur traded each year.

The 4th grade students at Corwin International Magnet School had a wonderful time blasting into the past while learning new topics such as incentives and how to create line graphs. There is no better way to learn!

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