Celebrating Native American Heritage Month in Colorado

Mesa Verde

While many of us are celebrating Thanksgiving this week, it is also a good time to recognize that Native American Heritage Month is drawing to a close. The SOLE Team is constantly striving to celebrate the history and culture of all Coloradans, including its original inhabitants. This means not only educating ourselves on Native American beliefs and customs, but also acknowledging their history as the indigenous peoples of the state that we all all home.

Ruins of Ancestral Puebloans at Mesa Verde National Park

So, we’ve come up with a list of tools and resources to help us all celebrate Native American Heritage Month as we gather together with friends and family.

1. Find out who were the original inhabitants of the land where you are currently living. Use this tool to discover which Native American groups were living in the place that you call home.

2. Practice making a land-acknowledgement. What’s that? It’s when you list or name out-loud the people who originally inhabited the land on which you’re living. (Use the tool we provided above!). Acknowledging and speaking this history out-loud is a way to bring indigenous history to present day conversations. Take a look at this resource to learn more about making a land-acknowledgement.

3. Learn more about the history of Native Americans in Colorado. One of the best ways to celebrate the culture of Native Americans is to study it. Our partners at the History Colorado Center have compiled a list of resources for teaching young people about American Indians in Colorado. Check it out! Be sure to look at the virtual exhibits Ute Tribal Paths and Colorado and the Fur Trade: Bent's Fort.

Want to learn more online??

  • Take a look at this website to read about Native Americans in Colorado - past and present.

  • Read this article about celebrating Native American Heritage Month in Colorado.

Want to Visit a Museum??

As we enter the season of celebrating, we find it more important than ever to honor and celebrate the diversity of people and histories that are found in Colorado. While we can't gather together in person, inviting these histories to your dinner table is an important way to celebrate them with friends and family.

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