SOLE's First Family Fun Day is a Success!

Last Saturday, SOLE families from STEM Launch and Crawford Elementary gathered at Cherry Creek State Park for SOLE’s first ever Family Fun Day! Family Fun Day is a new kind of event where SOLE families have the opportunity to visit a local state park for free while getting to learn from some of our awesome partners. The events prioritize the health and safety of our families while continuing to work towards SOLE’s mission of connecting students and families with the outdoors.

This past weekend, our event was held at Dixon Grove, giving participants an opportunity to explore a lesser-known part of the park while relaxing by the shores of Cherry Creek Reservoir. The sunshine and fall colors were an extra treat for all who participated.

Our Denver partners showed up with so many fun activities for our families, it was hard to find time to visit them all!

History Colorado taught us about Ute history and culture. Specifically, they showed us ways that the Ute used natural resources to meet all of their needs and flourish in what is now considered Colorado.

The Butterfly Pavilion brought tons of exciting invertebrates and Bluff Lake Nature Center joined with their bug collection, as well.

The City of Aurora brought coyote and fox pelts, as well as an exciting trivia game with prizes.

The Bird Conservancy of the Rockies taught us how to identify birds in the area without the need for binoculars.

Dinosaur Ridge got into the Halloween spirit and helped students make dinosaur face masks (the scary kind!).

Our families were also able to pick up tons of freebies from our resource table. This included stickers, chapstick, and -of course- hand sanitizer. Families who solved our riddles won themselves a gift-certificate for a one-day Colorado State Park pass!

Many thanks to all of the families that joined us this past Saturday and thank you to Cherry Creek State Park for hosting our event. Shout out to the two teachers from Crawford Elementary who joined us on Saturday as well! We are excited to be able to host events outdoors while weather permits. Keep your eyes out for more events like this in the spring!

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