An Afternoon at Cherry Creek State Park

Picture (Above): 2020 SOLE Family Program group photo.

On August 8th, SOLE families had a water filled afternoon at Cherry Creek State Park during the 2020 SOLE Family Program. The weather was warm and perfect for enjoying paddle sports, learning about macroinvertebrates, and going on nature walks.

Families arrived at Cherry Creek State Park and started their afternoon by fueling up for the program's activities with a tasty lunch. After lunch the program kicked off with a raffle. Families took home books, bug catcher containers, and other fun prizes. It was a fun way to start an even more fun afternoon!

Picture (Above): Welcome to the program!

After food and prizes, families jumped right into program activities. Families spent part of their afternoon learning about macroinvertebrates with River Watch. They learned about water quality and got up close looks at actual macroinvertebrates. It was a great way to learn about these tiny water critters.

Pictures (Above): Fun with macroinvertebrates!

The other program activity that took place on land was the nature walk. Each child received a Nature Exploration Journal that helped them explore Cherry Creek State Park with their families. Families were also joined by Park Ranger Michaela who helped answer questions about Cherry Creek State Park. It was a great opportunity to learn about nature with a Park Ranger and to explore a local state park!

Pictures (Above): Nature Walk at Prairie Loop, Cherry Creek State Park.

The final activity that families got to enjoy took them off of land and onto the water! Families got the opportunity to go kayaking and paddle boarding on Cherry Creek Reservoir. Kids and parents alike grabbed paddles and hit the water. Everyone, no matter beginner or expert on the water, had a great time paddling and splashing their way along the shoreline. There were lots of smiles and laughter as families enjoyed the warm water.

Pictures (Above): Kayaking and paddle boarding at Cherry Creek State Park.

Thanks for a fun afternoon SOLE families! See you next time!

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