2020 SOLE Teacher Workshop and Retreat

"Fun + Nature + Learning = SOLE Teacher WS [Workshop]"

- 2020 SOLE Teacher Workshop and Retreat Participant

2020 Teacher Workshop and Retreat Group Photo

On June 30th, SOLE teachers spent an amazing day at Barr Lake State Park for SOLE's 3rd annual teacher workshop. This year's teacher workshop explored the topics of science equity and Colorado Academic Standards within the context of birding while at one of the best state parks for birding. The teacher workshop also served as SOLE's first ever virtual teacher workshop! It was an amazing day filled with lots of learning, exploring, and surprise wildlife visitors.

SOLE Educator Erin Dreps facilitating the online portion of the 2020 SOLE Teacher Workshop and Retreat

SOLE Teachers from Rogers Elementary School, Pennock Elementary School, Pinnacle Charter School, and Crawford Elementary School attended the 2020 SOLE Teacher Workshop and Retreat. The morning was spent exploring the topic of science equity and learning about how to achieve science equity. After a discussion on the topic, SOLE teachers went birding with Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. House Sparrows, Canada Geese, American White Pelicans, and nests were spotted on a walk to the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies's bird banding station where teachers learned about the process of bird banding.

SOLE Teacher Clara building a bird nest.

After seeing bird nests, teachers were given the challenge of creating their own bird nest. Teachers explored how Colorado Academic Standards can be fulfilled through the process of building a bird nest. While searching for nest materials, one SOLE teacher came across a successful hunter with its prey. A bull snake had caught a rabbit for lunch and the teachers watched from a respectful distance as the snake enjoyed its meal! It was a rare and unique experience that deservedly paused the workshop. When the workshop resumed the teachers' bird nests were tested with - luckily - only one store bought egg casualty.

SOLE Teacher Flora kayaking for the first time!

Later that afternoon, it was time for kayaking and canoeing! The weather was perfect for an afternoon on Barr Lake and the teachers enjoyed paddling around the lake and watching American White Pelicans fly over the water. It was a fun way to enjoy Barr Lake that was also one of our SOLE teacher's first time kayaking!

SOLE Teacher Gina exploring a Critter Crate about birds.

Back on dry land, everything the teachers had learned and discussed throughout the day was brought together when teachers explored the contents of Colorado Parks and Wildlife Critter Crates. Teachers explored the Critter Crates and shared how its contents could be used to enable science equity and meet Colorado Academic Standards... and also to just have fun!

After concepts were explored and adventures had, the day came to an end. The workshop and retreat items were being packed up when one last

Raccoon demonstrating why you should not feed wildlife.

surprise wildlife visitor decided to join the 2020 SOLE Teacher Workshop and Retreat. A mother raccoon unfortunately thought that trash would make a nice dinner. She had to be shooed away by the SOLE team so that everyone one could clean up and head home. It was an eventful way to end the day.

We can't wait to see our SOLE teachers next year!

2020 Teacher Workshop and Retreat Slideshow!

Picture of a bull snake eating a rabbit is included in this slideshow.

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