Beans and Seeds at Thunder Valley FNN

Not only did Thunder Valley K-8 have a GREAT turnout to their Family Nature Night last week (over 200 attendees!), but the families and kids were able to plant not one, but 2 plants at the event!

The Gardens on Spring Creek, located in Fort Collins is a community botanic garden with the mission of improving the lives of people and fostering environmental stewardship through horticulture. The kiddos, and parents, were able to "plant" a scarlet runner bean. The idea behind this activity is that beans need both moisture and warmth/heat in order to grow. So by placing the bean in a small baggie with water and cotton wool, and by keeping it in the sunlight, or close to your body (bean necklace!) the bean will begin to sprout, allowing the avid horticulturist to then replant it into the soil.

The kids loved this activity, as it allows them to care for a plant, and give back to the community! Plants are important for human and animals thanks to the oxygen they provide.

You can find out more about the Gardens on Spring Creek at

Another botanic garden, the Denver Botanic Gardens also partnered with SOLE at the Thunder Valley Family Nature Night! The Denver Botanic Gardens allowed the families to learn a little more about pollination, and allowed the kiddos to plant/plot flower seeds!

Visit for more information about the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Thanks again to all of our partners, volunteers, teachers and families who made this Thunder Valley Family Nature Night possible. Finally, congratulations to all of the raffle winners!

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