Going the Distance without Leaving the Classroom

This winter, the SOLE team capped off the school semester with a distance learning lesson on winter adaptations. The new distance learning programming allows Colorado Parks and Wildlife to expand its reach to schools by taking a lesson to multiple classes simultaneously.

During the pilot program, students learned how winter looks for the variety of wildlife seen around the state through the use of a green screen, some help from props, and even a visit from a bear! 4th graders were transported to Barr Lake and Staunton State Parks while we talked about birds, bears, and even humans and their strategies of migration, hibernation and adaptation.

Although the program was virtual, students were engaged in activities such as testing their heart rates and breathing. 4th graders could also get answers to pressing questions as well, such as, “How do animals eat so much food and not get sick [during hibernation]?” or “ Do animals start fires somehow?”

The pilot program was a hit with the classes! Students said they enjoyed being transported to Colorado’s State Parks and the fun of being introduced to the wildlife in a unique way. We hope to continue to reach more students in the spring with our new distance learning programming!

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