Maybell Elementary Family Nature Night

Last week, the SOLE team traveled all the way to Maybell Elementary for a very special Family Nature Night. We had 16 students and 12 adults present, for a total of 28 folks!

The dreary April weather outside was no bother to these students, who had a great time bouncing around from station to station. Our partners from Bird Conservancy of the Rockies brought a sampling of activities that highlighted the amazing work they do to promote bird conservation and stewardship.

Justin Callison form Rifle Falls Hatchery brought along several fish species to educate the students on the important work done at Colorado's fish hatcheries.

Kirsten Miller, Park Ranger at Steamboat Lake State Park, made the trek to Maybell in the less-than-ideal weather, and helped our students learn how to cast fishing poles.

We even had a special cameo from a local black bear...

Lastly, thank you a million times over to Maybell teacher, Kristin Allen, helping us coordinate and execute this event. What a special place Maybell is!

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