Thunder Valley's Fishing Extravaganza!

Yesterday, the SOLE team was joined by Thunder Valley K-8's fourth-grade team at St. Vrain State Park for a day of fishing fun! The students learned the basics of fishing and got to try their hand at catching some of the park's plentiful rainbow trout.

The morning started with casting practice and an interactive discussion on what it means to be an "ethical angler."

After lunch, the students got to apply their new knowledge. Fortunately for them, the fish were biting! Among the fish caught were rainbow trout, as well as both large and smallmouth bass. After a quick photo op, the fish were released back into the water to hopefully live long, productive lives!

A very special show of thanks to Colorado Parks and Wildlife employees Alex Doehling and Donna Forrest for accompanying us and helping pull this event off, as well as St. Vrain State Park Staff Sean Dunlavy, Scott Reffel, and Jennifer Goldman for being such gracious hosts. Lastly, a resounding thank you to our volunteers for showing up and lending the students their vast fishing expertise!

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