Arickaree Saddles Up for A Wild Family Nature Night

Arickaree students flocked together this past Thursday for their annual Family Nature Night! About 71 people attended the event, along with a Harris's Hawk, a bull snake, and a toad!

Nature's Educators drove all the way from Sedalia to connect with families at Arickaree, and to educate the public on some amazing animals.

Bull snakes are Colorado native reptiles that live in grasslands. They're extremely important to the ecosystem they are a part of. They are also pretty docile, making them great educators!

Harris's hawks are not native to Colorado, but they live in surrounding states like New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. Harris's Hawks are the only hawks that hunt in groups! They are incredibly intelligent and have a wide variety of communication calls.

Thanks Nature's Educators for being such an awesome partner and teaching our SOLE families about local wildlife!

Archery and fishing was enjoyed by all in the gym! A few local District Wildlife Managers stopped by to help out and get to know their community. Thanks to Logan, Justin and Kyle for coming, and for all that you do for Colorado Parks and Wildlife!

Logan Wilkins assisting with Backyard bass

Justin Morris assisting with archery

Kyle Gordon assisting with Backyard Bass

At 6pm, everyone gathered into the cafeteria to enjoy Subway sandwiches and to hear the raffle results! Congratulations to all of our winners!

Thank you to the Arickaree families and staff for making the SOLE Team feel most welcomed! We can't wait to come back next year for another wild night!

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