Las Animas Family Nature Night

A fun time was had by all at last week's Family Nature Night at Las Animas Elementary! We were thrilled by the huge turnout- 100 students and 87 adults- bringing us to a whopping 187 total! The students got to partake in a number of activities, including archery, fishing, and a prize raffle.

Also joining in on the fun were several of our amazing partner organizations! We had folks present from Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site, John Martin State Park, and CaveSim.

Bent’s Fort took the students back in time to the 1800’s, when traders and fur trappers from near and far passed through the Colorado plains!

CaveSim taught the students about cave conservation with their life-size, simulated cave. Students squeezed their way through the narrow caverns, taking special care not to bump the stalactites and stalagmites!

Special thanks to fourth-grade teacher, Mr. Hines, for staffing the trivia wheel! (We hope you learned a thing or two from all those trivia questions, Mr. Hines!)

Many thanks again to everyone who came out to support SOLE's mission to connect children and their families to the outdoors!

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