Longfellow's Day O' SOLE

Last Wednesday, Longfellow's fourth graders spent the better part of their day learning and exploring with the SOLE Team!

They started the afternoon off with an in-class program, where SOLE taught students about the importance of ecosystems! They even met and interacted with a bull snake, a native species of snake that lives in the grasslands. Students loved being able to learn more about this wonderful animal, while also connecting what they learned to what they already knew about their own ecosystem in Salida!

Following a day of learning was the event everyone had been waiting for: Family Nature Night!

About 150 people total attended the event. Pizza was offered in the cafeteria, while activities were enjoyed in the gym and through the main halls.

GARNA, Mt. Shavano Hatchery, and the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area joined the festivities with some activities of their own! We could not organize this night of fun without the help of our partners.

As always, 6pm is when we start our raffle giveaway! Families rushed into the cafeteria to hear the winners. Congratulations to all kids who won a raffle prize!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Longfellow's Family Nature Night! And thank you Longfellow Elementary for having SOLE for the ecosystems program! We can't wait to come back next year!

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