Granby Family Nature Night

Granby got their hands dirty at this Family Nature Night! With so many interactive activities, families were immersed in outdoor fun from the moment we started at 5:30 until we ended at 7:30. We estimated about 87 kids and 58 adults (145 total) attended the event. What awesome turnout!

The YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch and Camp Chief Ouray came prepared for adventure! They gave each student a "scavenger hunt" type activity to complete for a prize. For the scavenger hunt, students had to visit each of the YMCA's 5 stations. At one station, they built "beaver dams". At another, they colored camouflaged butterflies. In the music room, students learned about how to prepare for a camping trip, and played a little field hockey! Students wandered the halls with excitement as they worked to complete the hunt!

The best part about Granby's Family Nature Night was witnessing the positive interactions between the families and Colorado Parks and Wildlife Area staff. Lyle, who worked the trivia table, is the Area Wildlife Manager for the Northwest region and is widely known and respected for his hard work in the region. Jeromy and Jeff are also Game Wardens for the Northwest region and they both helped with archery and generation wild respectively. Jeromy has worked with the school in the past and is loved by the students and staff. The SOLE team appreciates the area staff for taking time out of their busy schedules to spend time in their community!

By 6:30, it was time for the raffle. Families gathered into the cafeteria to hear the winners. Congratulations to all that won!

We look forward to coming back to Granby next year! Thanks to all families that attended, and a special thanks to the teachers and staff who helped with the event. The fourth grade team at Granby are rockstars!

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