Time Traveling with Murphy Creek at Plains Conservation Center

Mondays can be a drag, but not when you're a time traveler! Murphy Creek's fourth graders took a trip to Plains Conservation Center, traveling back to a time when pioneers headed Westward to a new homeland.

Over 200 years ago, the Plains were a vast ecosystem utilized only by the Native Americans living there. Tribes like the Plains people understood the benefits of this ecosystem, and were able to thrive here for thousands of years.

Fourth graders of Murphy Creek were separated into two groups and taken on a journey through time as they learned what the everyday lives of early Coloradans were truly like. They "hunted" for their food. They explored tipi houses and played games that would have been played by children of the time!

One group stayed near the tipi's and discussed Native American life while the other group went on a wagon ride and discussed the trials and tribulations of pioneer life.

The Plains were also important for the pioneers to understand and navigate. As Americans traveled westward, they encountered all sorts of challenges. Dangers can sneak up on you if you're not careful. Rattlesnakes and other animals may harm you, and dehydration was a huge issue for early travelers. However, they were smart and adaptable and overcame those challenges.

Could you imagine what Colorado and the American West would look like if early American settlers didn't brave the long and arduous journey?

Once it was time for lunch, the students of Murphy Creek were able to return to the year 2018 so they may enjoy the convenience of modern-day food. After sipping their gatorades and chomping the last bite of their lunchables, the groups switched so that the group at tipis would enjoy the wagon ride and vice versa.

Murphy Creek finished up their trip and left the Plains Conservation Center around 2pm. What a wonderful, educational way to spend a Monday!

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