Family Nature Night at Ridgway Elementary

It is always a treat for the SOLE Team to visit Ridgway Elementary and spend the evening with its students. At this year's Family Nature Night, there was an estimated 70 students and 60 adults (130 total) that attended!

The event started at 5 pm with Archery in the gym, pizza in the cafeteria, and our "backyard bass" activity outside. We teamed up with our friends at Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership for an evening Ridgway won't forget! They were able to provide an outstanding interactive watershed model for students to manipulate, mimicking how human impact can affect natural habitats.

We were also lucky to have Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) staff present at the Generation Wild table, where students could make a tree leaf rubbing and match tracks to wildlife! Students also received their list of 100 things to do and had a great time deciding what they wanted to do next.

At 6pm we began our raffle! Many families went home with AWESOME prizes including fishing poles, tents, binoculars and one lucky family even went home with a State Parks Pass!

This was surely a memorable night for all. Thanks to all of the families who attended, and a special thanks to the 4th grade teacher at Ridgway, Mrs. Javoronok, who made this event possible! We could not do it without the passion and dedication the school staff bring to their jobs everyday.

We look forward to seeing you again at next year's Family Nature Night!

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