Acres Green Enjoys a Night of Outdoor Family Fun

The students enrolled in Acres Green's after school program were eagerly curious as the SOLE Team began setting up for their Family Nature Night. Puzzled by the equipment (and allured by the pizza) they asked if they could try out some of the activities before the event (officially) started.

The SOLE Team believes that everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, so the after school students were able to check out the archery and backyard bass activities. Some of them loved it so much, they asked their parents if they could stay for the rest of the event!

This is why the SOLE Team loves what they do. Getting kids excited about the outdoors is our mission because the outdoors is undoubtedly valuable and should be accessible to all!

Acres Green had a memorable night learning about the wonders of the outdoors. South Platte Park, Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge, Butterfly Pavilion, History Colorado and Bird Conservancy of the Rockies were there to share in our excitement.

We estimated about 56 kids and 39 adults (95 total) attended the event. Way to go Acres Green!

We could not have done it without the help from the amazing teachers and staff from Acres Green. Because of them, Family Nature Night was advertised well and attendance was great. We must also thank all of our partners and volunteers that helped the event run smoothly. The most successful Family Nature Nights are those with several volunteers and partners, and this was definitely a successful one!

The SOLE Team hopes to see the students and teacher of Acres Green soon! We can't wait to come back next for another AWESOME Family Nature Night.

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