Beautiful Beulah Enjoys Family Nature Night

The SOLE team visited Beulah School of Nature and Science in late May to host a Family Nature Night for the students and their families. With perfect summer-feeling weather and eager participants, the night was nothing short of spectacular! Check out some of the photos from the event:

Students pose by the Welcome sign, ready for the night's exciting activities.

At the Trivia Wheel, kids impressed Emily with their incredible wildlife knowledge!

CSU Pueblo Student Recreation Outdoor Pursuits joined us at the event too and shared their own resources and entertainment with Beulah families.

The raffle was a big hit and their were some cool prizes taken home, including a certificate for annual state parks pass for the grind prize winning family. Check out the winners posing with their newly claimed treasures!

Out back, kids practiced their casting skills at backyard bass with the help of instructors. The plastic fish may not be the real thing, but they sure are fun!

The Great Migration Challenge helped students learn about the hardships birds often face on their long journey between seasons. The students got to experience what migrating can be like for our feathered friends in their own migration.

Inside the gym, archery was a very popular activity! Kids (and even a couple of adults) worked on improving their shooting form and aim all evening.

Another activity in the gym was the jumping game at the Generation Wild table. Kids ran and jumped to see which animals they could leap as far as. They could also grab a take home copy of the list of "100 things to do Before You're 12."

On behalf of the SOLE staff, a big thank all to of the Beulah School of Nature and Science staff, area staff, our partners and volunteers and everyone who attended that made the night a huge success! We look forward to returning next year!

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