All is Well at Maybell Family Nature Night

In late April, the SOLE team returned to Maybell Elementary for the school's second annual Family Nature Night. Once signed in at the welcome table, families began making their way around the event to see what fun was to be had. Many started by fueling up on pizza and lemonade in the kitchen area, yum!

In the school's gym, kids took turns pulling back bows and firing arrows at targets with some one on one instruction. A couple of archers even hit the bullseye!

The playground was a popular place and was filled with exciting games! Backyard bass gave kids a chance to practice casting fishing poles and a staff member from Yamatika led an interactive, nature based game!

Dinosaur National Monument brought several artifacts and had much to share about the ancient animals and the National Monument where their fossils can be found. Did you learn a cool new fact about the animals that once roamed the land?

The trivia wheel kept kids engaged all night long as they spun over and over again. The player either knew the answer or learned something new, it was a win-win!

Another opportunity to test one' knowledge was found at the Generation Wild table where the activity was to identify animals by their tracks by matching the correct track to a picture of the animal that made it. Younger kids could make their own tracks with stamps. Take home copies of the list of "100 Things to Do Before You're 12" was also available at this table.

Staff from the Rifle Falls Fish Hatchery provided a demonstrative anatomy lesson through dissecting fish. What a great way to learn more about this aquatic animal.

When 6 pm rolled around, everyone gathered in the cafeteria for the raffle drawing. As each winning ticket was called, the child holding that ticket came up to pick from great outdoor gear prizes. After choosing a prize they had the honor of posing with some local wildlife for a picture. The grand prize winning family won a certificate for an annual state park pass!

One of the biggest highlights of the evening for the student of Maybell was finally meeting their newly hatched, feathered friends; the chicken eggs they had been incubating made their debut and hatched during Family nature Night. Welcome to the world new baby chicks!

What a night we had playing, learning, and exploring. Thank you to all who made this year's Family Nature Night a wonderful event! SOLE appreciates the support from families, school staff, teachers, partners, and area CPW staff.

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