SOLE Art Contest Winners Are Here!

It is with great pleasure that SOLE announces the winners of this year's SOLE Art Contest! The theme this year was "What Do the Colorado Outdoors Mean To You?" and students from across the state sent in a record number of submissions!

After some intense voting by Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff, it's time to see the best from each region! Every finalist did an amazing job and will receive recognition for their hard work with outdoor prizes and achievement certificates. Artwork from all the finalists will be on display around the state to see in person. Please visit the displays while they are showing!

In the Northeast Region, Brandon S. is our Grand Prize winner from Vista Peak Exploratory!

Northeast finalists will be on display at Barr Lake State Park from May 14th to June 1st. Other top prizes in the Northeast region were earned by Parker T. from Montclair (1st), Chance C. from Milliken (2nd), and Peyton B. from Thunder Valley (3rd).

The Southeast Region Grand Prize winner is Annie M. from Lake County Intermediate!

Southeast finalist artwork will be on display at Lake Pueblo State Park from May 24th to June 15th. Other top prizes in the Southeast region were earned by Cloey C. from Beulah (1st), Kree W. from Las Animas (2nd), and Maya K. from Beulah (3rd).

From the Northwest, please congratulate Ximena P. from Sopris for winning the Grand Prize!

All finalist artwork from the Northwest region will be on display at Highline Lake State Park from May 18th to June 8th. Other top prizes in the Northwest region were earned by Erik T. from Orchard Avenue (1st), Brooklyn W. from Pomona (2nd), and Mallory B. from Orchard Avenue (3rd).

The Southwest Region Grand Prize is awarded to Sarah S. from Mancos!

Southwest Region finalists' artwork will be on display at the Fort Garland Museum from May 10th to June 1st. Other top prizes in the Southwest region were earned by Layla M. (1st), Destiny K. (2nd), and Taylor E. (3rd) from Mancos.

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