Inaugural Family Nature Night at Arickaree Features Fun for All!

For Arickaree School’s very first Nature Night, Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff came from near and far to set up several exciting outdoor activities for local families to experience. Families began showing up with smiles and excitement as the evening got off to an early start. The evening was set up like a mini festival within the common areas of the school. A smiling face was waiting at the Welcome Table where everyone was greeted with raffle tickets and information.

Several activities were offered in the halls, including a wildlife trivia wheel where kids and adults could test their knowledge of Colorado wildlife. Generation Wild, a Great Outdoors Colorado initiative, challenged students to complete 100 outdoor activities by the time they turn 12. Some were easily completed, while others took a little more imagination. At the table, several kids tried their hands at identifying animals by their tracks, number 88 on the list. It was also exciting to compete at a long jump based on how far wild animals can jump. How far can you jump? A bobcat can leap ten feet in one bound!

The Great Migration Game was also a popular stop. Have you ever considered how tough it is for birds to migrate every season? This mini adventure allowed kids to become birds on the migration path, experiencing all the trials and tribulations of a bird traveling to a new home. Navigating the ‘power lines’ was tricky business!

Cracking open the delicious Subway sandwiches and cookies at 6 pm was a highlight for the hungry families who came out for the evening. Katie from CPW took this time to introduce all the wonderful things the Schools and Outdoor Learning Environments (SOLE) program funds each year, including field trips and in-class opportunities as well as the Family Nature Night. Students were then asked to get their raffle tickets out and listen to hopefully hear a winning number. Mystery bags, tents, and binoculars were popular prizes of the night. Each prize winner received a hearty round of applause by the supportive audience. The grand prize State Parks Gift Certificate was announced by the District Wildlife Manager, Justin, and received by a very happy family eager to explore the parks in this beautiful state!

Backyard Bass and archery, located in the gym, gathered a following of students. Once an activity of interest was discovered, it was a hit for the rest of the night! How many plastic fish did you catch? Archery was also extremely popular with several kids who returned over and over to hone their new-found skills. Perhaps there are some new anglers and archers after the evening’s sport!

District Wildlife Managers showing us how it's done.

It was a wonderful night full of fun for everyone. The SOLE program would like to thank all of our area staff, Arickaree staff, and everyone who attended that made the night a success!

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