Caliche's Second Annual Family Nature Night

On a blustery Friday evening, Caliche Elementary welcomes students and their families inside to enjoy Family Nature Night. You can feel the fun filling the hallways as families join in on the activities that give students and their families an opportunity to connect with the outdoors.

The Bird Conservancy greets students and introduces them to raptors. The big horn owl is always a show stopper. I think we have some future birders in this group!

Students can learn and practice their archery skills in the gym. District Wildlife Manager, Justin Morris, teaches students how to be safe and efficient archers. By the end of the night everyone is making the bullseye! Fishing is a skill that takes a lot of patience while maintaining a perfect cast. Luckily, students are able to practice their cast at the Backyard Bass station.

Families are really enjoying watching the younger children playing the Great Migration Challenge. It is an obstacle course game that takes students through what birds have to get through while migrating. Students dodge wind turbines and telephone wires to try to get to their nesting ground. Not many students make it, but it shows them how hard migrating really is.

As a part of the Generation Wild booth, students try to see how far they can jump and what animal jumps the same distance they do. Did you know a mountain lion is able to jump up to 25 feet? Students test their knowledge at Wildlife Trivia and when they get an answer right they get a prize!

Students are beside themselves during the outdoor prize raffle provided by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). One lucky fourth grader wins the 3-person tent. She talks about everyone she would share it with. She will have a fun summer sleeping under the stars. One lucky family wins the grand prize of a $70 gift certificate to CPW. This is enough for them to purchase an annual state parks pass and visit all of Colorado’s 41 State Parks.

The feeling of joy lingers in the hallways as families filter out of Caliche Elementary. This night would not have been possible without the support from Great Outdoors Colorado, the staff at Caliche Elementary and CPW. Family Nature Night will bring fun and connection to the outdoors back to Caliche Elementary next year!

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