Celebrating the Spring Equinox at Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning's Family Nature Nig

Academy ACL started Spring off on a high note on March 20th with their first Family Nature Night. Over 50 people took part in outdoor themed activities, from birding to fishing to archery.

"Quick, over here...I found one....it’s...its' a Junco!" echoed the halls throughout the evening. The bird identification hunt provided by Catamount Institute kept students on the search for their local bird species.

At Great Outdoors Colorado’s Generation Wild area, students had fun identifying animal tracks and checking off what outdoor activities they have accomplished on the “100 things to do before you’re 12” list. Have you taken the time to try #12’s "Dance in the rain" or #18’s "Explore a state park"?

Archery was the highlight of the night. Families were lined up all night to have local District Wildlife Managers Corey and Cody help them perfect their archery skills. Even the 4th grade teachers picked up a bow and took the opportunity to channel their inner Katniss Everdeen.