Exploring Ecosystems and Snakes with Pinnacle

Do you know all the different Ecosystems in Colorado? Pinnacle students got a chance to explore the major systems located in our state in SOLE’s in-class program by brainstorming and creating ecosystem drawing as groups. The big challenge was making connections between living and non-living things. Prairie dogs need burrows, trees need light from the sun, owls need mice to eat, and grass needs nutrients from the soil to grow!

Once everyone was able to share, some friendly visitors were brought out to meet the students. Both of SOLE’s bull snakes came to greet the classes of Pinnacle! Bull snakes are integral parts of our Colorado Grasslands. They help control rodent populations and have amazing adaptations that help them survive! Which snake did you meet? Were you brave enough to feel the scales?

Thanks to everyone at Pinnacle for making such a great program possible!

#Snakes #Eco #PinnacleCharterAcademy #ColoradoParksandWildlife

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