Caliche takes History Colorado

Caliche Elementary 4th grade traveled to Denver to experience History Colorado.

From experiencing the dust bowl to becoming miners in the Silverton mine they had a fantastic time learning about Colorado’s past.

The dust bowl was a terrifying time for those that lived through it. After the students experienced what it felt like to go through a dust storm, they rolled the dice to see what people had to do in order to survive this time in history.

What would you have done?

Keota was what life was like on the farms before the dust bowl. It was established by the Homestead Act and the people who maintained the land, had a lot of chores to do. Milking the cow, getting water from the well, and going to the general store. Being from Caliche, the fourth graders knew that hard work is necessary to live in the plains.

Maybe life as a Miner in Silverton would be an easier life? The students soon found this was not the case. Miners were paid very little for the back breaking work they did in the mines. Mucking, drilling and blasting to make very little money. No wonder so many died in the mines.

Thanks the Caliche staff and to History Colorado for making Caliche's field trip a grand adventure!

#HistoryColorado #History #FieldTrip

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