Chappelow Visits History Colorado

The students at Chappelow K-8 spent an exciting day at History Colorado learning about past events that helped shape the Colorado we know today.

One such event was when soldiers, trappers and Native Americans would meet at Bent's Fort to trade goods. Looking at artifacts, students were able to get a first eye look into what trading was really like. One of the most popular objects was the flint and steel that soldiers would use to make fire. That certainly created a spark!

Students got their chores done in Keota. This small farm town was one established by the Homestead Act. Students gathered eggs, drove to the general store to get money to buy more supplies for chores. These chores might be fun for a day, but image doing this everyday!

Learning about the Amache Interment camps is always a hard subject, but it is important learn from mistakes of the past. Students roamed around a room that demonstrated what the camps were like. It was very crowded. Students were interested in the items that people brought with them. Although it wasn't a lot, there were many items that had Japanese connections. Students next watched a movie on what America was like during this time. There was a lot of fear and uncertainty back then.

Next students ventured into the Dust Bowl where they were able to experience what a dust storm was like on the prairie. This was a time in Colorado history when people were over farming during a drought. This specific dust storm was called “Black Sunday” because it was dark as midnight outside for over 8 hours in the day. It is amazing to think about what people lived through.

Chappelow students enjoyed their journey though time! Thanks to Chappelow staff and History Colorado for putting on a fantastic day!

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