CU South Denver Welcomes McGlone Students

Everyone from McGlone was excited for their field trip to CU South Denver, a favorite of the teachers and students alike. Once the buses arrived, people piled into the 3-D movie theater to watch an amazing movie about the animals and ecosystems of Africa. One could hear the whispers and gasps as new and interesting organisms crawled, walked, and flew across the screen. It seemed like waves were about to splash into the audience as the movie went on. This was an exciting experience for all present. After the movie, it was really time to get down to business and split up to explore.

The Adaptations program brought a different perspective to the field trip by encouraging students to design their own animals after talking about how adaptations help animals survive. Many creative ideas came out as everyone drew the animals they envisioned. Do you think these specialized animal creations could really survive on our planet? It’s all about the adaptations!

The amazing exhibits that CU South Denver provides are always the highlight for this group of explorers. Many ecosystems are represented in the giant room as you wend your way from area to area. From snowy tundras to dry savannas, and even cave systems and coral reefs, show how incredibly diverse our world is. There were many interactive ways to explore each area, including conducting interviews of animatronic ‘residents’ of the ecosystems who would answer questions of curious onlookers. There were also hands-on activities to illustrate different events and roving volunteers eager to talk about the wonders surrounding them.

The day was packed with fun, and teachers and students alike loved the experience. The SOLE program would like to thank everyone who made this trip happen, including the staff and volunteers from CU South Denver, the staff, bus drivers, and parents from McGlone Academy, and of course the students. Now the big question is: Where would you live?

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