Eiber Imagination Overflows at History Colorado!

Excited Eiber Elementary fourth graders started their field trip at History Colorado by splitting up and taking off in four directions.

Our leader Jack began by taking us back in time to the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. He said the Dust Bowl was a manmade ecological disaster! Homesteaders farmed with unsustainable methods, and the topsoil disappeared in a few seasons. Kids screamed when the darkness poured over us in an amazing simulation of the infamous Black Sunday dust storm! What a ride! Locusts and hares hopped rampantly, and drought set in; children discussed whether they would have left to seek new opportunities or stayed in their homes.

Although it now exists as a ghost town, the museum brought historic Keota to life with kids running around to complete chores! After exploring the grocery store and barn, students compared and contrasted modern life with/against historic Keota. The youth were flabbergasted that people shared outhouses with no stalls!

Jack as Silverton mine boss shocked the group of young miners when he explained he valued his mule’s survival more than that of his human hard workers! Kids found Daisy harnessed to a cart of ore and listened for questionable sounds from Tommy Knockers. The team solved a difficult puzzle and yelled, “Fire in the hole!” to imitate blasting rock with dynamite. Mining was dangerous work, but we escaped successfully!

The colorful modern history exhibit challenged youth to reduce their impact on the environment. In a video, we traveled to Breckenridge in 4.5 minutes, while the narrator pointed out landscape changes. Then kids freely explored other interactive displays: human-animal interactions, carbon footprints, and snowmelt as drinking water.

Eiber Elementary students were sponges who absorbed much historic knowledge at the museum. They teemed with energy and enthusiasm for vivid and captivating exhibits. Thanks to Jack and History Colorado for hosting us, thanks to Great Outdoors Colorado for providing field trip funding, and thanks to teachers for connecting students with learning outside the classroom.

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