Monterey's Family Nature Night Frenzy

Monterey Elementary halls transformed into a party when the Family Nature Night began.

Students couldn't get enough of Wildlife Trivia. Spinning the wheel is always a thrill. What can we learn about next?

Making leaf drawings at the Generation Wild table provided a creative way to connect with nature.

Catamount Institute made compost fun with live worms! They are so great for our gardens!

Bear Creek Nature Center had an amazing array of taxidermy and animal artifacts. El Pueblo Museum had skins and skulls to show students and their families more about the animals that live in Colorado. Chico Basin Ranch brought artifacts from the ranch including a bison hide!

Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, Mueller State Park featured turkeys. students were able to make turkey calls and learn turkey terms. Did you know a female turkey is called a hen?

From the activities throughout the halls to archery and backyard bass in the gym, all the families found something to enjoy.

Thanks to all our wonderful partners, CPW Staff and Volunteers, and the Monterey Staff for making Family Nature Night a great success!

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