Achieve Academy Tracks and Traps!

It is always a unique experience for classrooms to bolster their curricula with SOLE programs! The 4th graders at Achieve Academy were learning about the fur trade era in Colorado History. SOLE team members Sheryl and Mallory discussed the historical significance of fur trapping. Furs were a popular fashion statement, and a nice way to keep warm! The end of the era came from overharvesting and exhaustion of resources. Also silk came into popularity to replace the fashion.

Students also created their own tracking guides! They predicted and chose three animals’ tracks that would be important to them as trappers. Maybe kids chose fur bearers to track down or predators to avoid! Using photos of animal tracks, the young artists drew depictions of animal tracks and named them!

Then Achieve Academy students dove into the 1800s fur trade with an interactive activity. During a cold winter, the snow would be high and the tracks would be fresh. Youth crept through an obstacle course of tracks to find a beaver! Although many furs were trapped and traded at the time, we focused on beaver because of its popularity 1820-1840. Its dark, waterproof fur would help our 4th grade trappers get through the winter. Groups trekked to find five different sets of animal tracks. They then discovered beaver signs and a beaver lodge quite close to a waiting puppet. All groups were successful in tracking the beaver! Great work, kiddos!

A bunch of eager beavers now have experienced a little more on the fur trapping trade with their enthralling in-class program! Thanks for having us, teachers!

#InClassProgram #beaver #tracks

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