Pennock Panthers Prowl around Abundant Activities at Family Nature Night!

As families entered Pennock Elementary for Family Nature Night , they were warmly greeted at the welcome table! Emily and Tabbi gave out tickets for the awaited raffle.

Next kids could spin the wheel for a Colorado wildlife category. Katie picked numerous brains with trivia questions, and any attempt won a prize! With bracelets on wrists and bouncy balls in pockets, kids proceeded to the many other booths.

How cool was it to drop a token in Rocky Mountain Arsenal's board and watch it cascade down? Some of the question categories were black-footed ferrets, insects, and plants! Correct answers won more free prizes.

Adults and children discussed hilarious or challenging events on the checklist of 100 things to do before you’re 12. Eric, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife volunteer, assisted with no. 42: make a crayon leaf rubbing. Have any of you displayed your artwork from the Generation Wild booth?

Angel from History Colorado gave clues based on Colorado culture and history in a unique game of bingo! Many kids got three-in-a-row and won fun, temporary tattoos!

We hope you did not miss creating a custom T-shirt at Barr Lake State Park’s booth! Kids scribbled or colored within the lines to design their life jacket graphics. Did you happen to see a giant red-tailed hawk walking around? Talon greeted guests, took photos, and even aimed arrows at archery!

Archery in the gym gave many kids a new experience to try! Shalana and Paul helped each young archer perfect a sturdy stance, aim accurately, and pull back the string with strength!

Backyard Bass was a lively game in the gym to practice casting without sharp hooks. Tom and Sheryl coached fishers and untangled lines with smiles. Getting the basics of fishing with friends is fun!

A large crowd gathered in the cafeteria at 6:00 PM for the prize raffle. High-spirited winners grabbed prizes when Tabbi Kinion announced their lucky numbers!

Families continued to browse all the incredible options in the hallway. The National Park Service booth had Colorado native mammal skins to feel. Did you touch the skunk or muskrat? The NPS campaign to get every kid in a park offered free national park passes to all fourth graders.

On a faraway wall, youth used binoculars to gaze at pictures of birds. Using unique markings on the belly or head, novice birders could then identify the models! The Bird Conservancy’s booth also had owl feathers, feet, and a stuffed owl to study the nocturnal raptors.

Ready to head out for the night, Pennock panthers followed signs from Generation Wild to their cars. With freebies, raffle prizes, new knowledge, and skills, students undoubtedly treasured their belongings from a spectacular Family Nature Night. Thank you to our great partners and staff for making this happen. Thank you to participating families! Pennock has been a SOLE school since the beginning of the program, and 2017 marks their fifth year!

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