Lake County Intermediate Plans to Conserve Endangered Species

Some very eager classes had a chance to learn about some of the threatened and endangered species here in Colorado on Monday. Lake County Intermediate students participated in an in-class program provided by CPW staff designed around inquiry and action about protecting threatened wildlife.

Everyone had a chance to join an activity building a Web of Life that showed the delicate balance we all rely on to survive. CPW staff brought in some confiscated bio-facts to illustrate one of the many causes of endangerment as well. The ocelot and lynx pelts were especially interesting to see.

Once everyone had brainstormed a list of causes, like habitat loss and overhunting, they really got down to work. Groups were tasked to act as wildlife managers, trying to protect a specific species from Colorado. The ideas flowed readily about saving the greenback cutthroat trout, Canada lynx, Mosquito Range mustard, boreal toad, and black-footed ferret. When it came time to present, the creativity was evident. From cleaning up pollution to managing mine waste, restricting hunting to raising awareness, students truly came away with a greater understanding of the challenges that come with protecting our state for years to come.

To wrap up the day, everyone made a commitment to help protect wildlife in their daily lives. They also got to choose a trading card with one of the organisms they worked on during the class. It was a great day full of learning and fun!

#InClassProgram #EndangeredSpecies #ColoradoParksandWildlife

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