Lake County Intermediate Field Trip Makes a Splash at AHRA

Lake County Intermediate’s fourth graders embarked on an adventurous field trip at Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area (AHRA). The weather was sunny and serene as teachers and parents grouped up the bustling children. Colorado Parks and Wildlife educators incorporated the grade level ecosystem unit into their stations.

Jamie discussed how the Arkansas River runs through Leadville’s backyard! Students had a fun time solidifying their knowledge of nonliving and living elements that work together in balance to create healthy ecosystems. Using tin foil river models, kids filled one with hay (vegetation), while the other was polluted and so grew nothing. Do you remember the difference between the contaminated river model and the healthy one? Did the brightly colored fish eggs stay in place or float away?

To Sheryl’s pleasant surprise, fourth graders were already experts on adaptations. As it turns out, each kid had an individual assignment in class to research an organism’s adaptations. Sheryl dressed a student from each group as a beaver to demonstrate features that help beavers survive along the Arkansas River and the surrounding tributaries. Were you astounded that the riparian ecosystem there was created by glaciation?

Students had a blast following the Project Wild curriculum for the thicket game!