Acres Green Launches Their SOLE Program With Family Nature Night

The rain couldn’t keep Acres Green students home as they attended their very first SOLE event. Families showed up with smiles and excitement as the evening began. A surprise was waiting at the Welcome Table where Mrs. Kendall, a former science teacher at Acres Green, was there to greet everyone!

Activities were spread throughout the school, and pizza was freshly waiting in the cafeteria. Can anyone resist free food? It was a popular treat for students and parents alike to grab a slice as the evening progressed. Several families took time to eat together in the cafeteria, and catch up with friends.

Activities offered ranged from the ever-entertaining trivia wheel to fishing with Backyard Bass. Our wonderful sponsors featured some amazing activities that had both young and old excited to participate.

Did you stop by to discover how different types of birds eat? Some students learned to stab and scoop food with the Audubon Society, just like the birds we see flying above us every day!

Few were brave enough to hold one of the invertebrates that South Platte Park brought to show, but all were fascinated by the small creatures swimming and crawling around the tubs of water. Make sure those pincers don’t catch your finger! Ouch!

History Colorado had some rousing games of history bingo going on while others posed with state symbols for a photo opportunity.

The trivia and costume stop provided by US Fish and Wildlife Rocky Mountain Arsenal was also popular! Some became beautiful butterflies while others learned about the black-footed ferret, one of the cutest little mammals around.

The raffle at 6 pm was highly anticipated. Students eagerly gripped their red tickets, hoping to hear the winning number. Mystery bags were a popular prize of the night, and lucky winners also received camping gear, History Colorado Family Passes, and a grand prize of a State Parks Gift Certificate!

Archery had a faithful following of students who continued to reappear for more tries over and over to get a shot at getting a bullseye. Some became so enthusiastic that dancing broke out after a great shot!

It was a wonderful night full of fun for everyone. The SOLE program would like to thank all of our partners, volunteers, Acres Green Elementary staff, and everyone who attended that made the night a success!

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