Family Nature Night Begins Murphy Creek's 4th Year of SOLE

On a lovely September night Murphy Creek students kicked off SOLE’s first Family Nature Night of the school year. It was a perfect night for some outdoor fishing with Backyard Bass on the front lawn. From start to finish it was the most popular activity of the night! Ashlyn, Gio, and Bryant were among those that stayed to the very end hoping for just one more cast!

The school had activities ranging from outdoor birding with BCR and learning Colorado history with History Colorado to black-footed ferret trivia with FWS and the wildlife wheel. These were a hit with students who wanted to test their knowledge! The National Park Service was able to sign up 11 new members to get a free National Parks pass for Every Kid in a Park, something every 4th grader gets for free!!!

Some kids became such great experts at the outdoors that they had the opportunity to ‘run’ a table. Deanneka, at the Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK) table, took over the mystery boxes and gave clues to other students, like Zach, to help them discover what was inside.

Archery in the gym with A&H Adventures was another popular activity that had students lining up for a try at shooting a bullseye. Some parents expressed that this opportunity was particularly special to them, and they were pleased that their children received a chance to shoot a bow.

The free pizza provided sustained students and parents alike as they grabbed a slice to munch as they toured the event. When 6 pm rolled around, a great crowd gathered in the cafeteria for info on the upcoming Outdoor Adventure Expo next weekend in Cherry Creek State Park and excellent outdoor prize giveaways! Some families were already showing interest in the outdoor expo as they arrived. Hopefully you and your family can come out for this next event on September 23-24!

The SOLE program would like to thank all of our partners, Murphy Creek K-8 staff, volunteers, and everyone who attended that made the night a success!

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