What Did the Bison Say to His Son on His First Day of School?


The Students of Pennock Elementary giggled at the jokes the Arsenal Staff was telling during the bus tour of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. The Arsenal is a special place where visitors can view wildlife in their natural habitat.

The students were lucky enough to see bison, deer and prairie dogs out on the plains. Can you imagine back before Colorado was a state, when there were thousands of bison covering the plains?

The students were able to see the endangered Black Footed Ferret, the arsenal has 2 captive ferrets that they take care of. Ferrets sleep during the day, so the students truly saw a rare sight when one of the ferrets came out to see us.

Black Footed Ferrets were thought to be extinct at one point. After they were rediscovered, there have been many conservation efforts made to reintroduce them back to the wild.

Students were able to learn about the history of the Arsenal at the Visitor Center. There, they explored and even dressed up!

Before lunch, the students played a game outside, where they learned how wildlife need an assortment of resources in order to survive.

After lunch, the students worked together at a team to put together a real bison skeleton.

The SOLE Program would like to thank the Pennock Staff and the Arsenal staff and volunteers for making this field trip a grand success!

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