Bats Program Takes Flight at Peiffer

Peiffer Elementary welcomed the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) staff to come teach the fourth grade about bats and how they have adapted to survive.

As the fourth graders sat on the floor, eager to learn, Erin Kendall from CPW told them about how amazing bats are. Through their physical and behavioral characteristics, bats have adapted to survive, making them the largest population of mammals in the world.

The students learned about the food chain by playing a game where most students were mosquitoes and only a handful of students were bats. What would happen if there were no bats? Mosquitoes would overpopulate the Earth.

Some students got to live out their dream of becoming Batman.... well they got to dress up like a bat, but they still had a cape!

By the end of the day, Peiffer Fourth Graders earned a deeper understanding of bats and what biological adaptations are and how important they are for all species to have.

Special thanks to CPW Staff and the Peiffer Staff for hosting a great event.

#bats #InClassProgram #ColoradoParksandWildlife #PiefferElementary

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