Roxborough State Park

4751 East Roxborough Drive
Roxborough, CO 80125

(303) 973-3959 ext. 15


The Fossils & Geologic Systems of Roxborough
Every rock and sediment layer has a unique story waiting to be told. Roxborough’s geology and fossil evidence represents 1.2 billion years of history. See how the forces of weathering, erosion, geologic uplift, and time have shaped the landscape and environments of the past and of what we see today.

Student Outcomes:
-Recognize the physical changes of geologic formations
-Understand how time and geologic materials work together to change the physical landscape
-Understand complex geologic processes
-Identify plant and animal fossils. Use geologic evidence to determine how they adapted to their environments and were different from today’s organisms.

The Ecosystems of Roxborough
From grassland to treeline, the ecosystems of Roxborough are shaped by a variety of conditions. There are four distinct ecosystems at Roxborough State Park: riparian, grasslands, shrubland, and montane. The transition zones that blend them enhance
the park’s beauty. Variations of the park are due to differences in elevation, soil type, topography, and water availability. Human movement into an area also influences ecosystems and transition zones. This hike provides an in-depth look at these incredible
living environments.

Student Outcomes:
-Distinguish between 4 different ecosystems
-Recognize ecotones are transitions between and a blend of communities.
-Understand that ecosystems are a direct result of how elevation, soil type, topography, climate, and moisture interact with the area.

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