Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

6550 Gateway Rd.

Commerce City, CO 80022

To Schedule: Contact Thomas Wall at 303-289-0931 or


2.5 hours, including a half hour lunch break

Home on the Range

Students study the largest land mammal in North America, the bison, through hands-on assembly of a real bison skeleton. They will also learn about North America's most endangered mammal, the Black-footed ferret, through an interactive game and observation of live ferrets in our captive animal display.

Time permitting, groups are permitted to take a wildlife safari around the wildlife drive in their bus to look for wildlife in their natural prairie habitat.

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45-60 minutes

Students learn about bison, the largest land mammal in North America, and the prairie habitat through hands-on activities. Students will discover the adaptations bison have for the prairie habitat, learn about the different bison behaviors through observation, and investigate prairie grasses as they related to the bison and prairie habitat. They will also observe and learn the importance of a diverse and healthy prairie.

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